Harness more of your solar energy with a battery or storage option

Buying a battery storage system is a long-term investment

Finding the right quality fit is the first step towards trouble-free energy to your property each and every day.

With vast experience covering a wide range of battery products, we can provide a storage package that will not only lower your electricity costs, but reduce or remove all together your reliance on the grid, and protect you from blackouts.

We’re specialists in both on and off-grid, big and small solutions and will provide you with a reliable power system for years to come.

Let us find a battery solution that is right for you.

Your benefits in going solar in South Australia

Generate free,
clean electricity

Protect yourself against
rising energy prices

Reduce your
carbon footprint

Reduce or remove your
reliance on the national grid

Add value and make your property
more attractive to potential buyers

Let’s have a chat about your energy needs