We create energy solutions to reduce your homes carbon footprint

At JP Solar and Electrical, it’s our mission to decrease your energy costs and environmental impact.

We install and maintain grid connect solar systems and hybrid battery systems.

Our approach

We’re here to help you solve your energy saving problems from a financial and environmental perspective. We offer industry leading advice and guidance to help you decide on the best suited technologies for your needs.

It’s our job to guide you through the design and installation process required to deliver you the best solution for your home. It’s a great way of declaring energy independence and say good bye to high energy bills.

Our business

At JP Solar and Electrical we pride ourselves on offering the best of yesterday’s old-time business values with the best of today’s modern energy solution products for your home.

Why Generate free, green, energy?

Price sensitive

The cost of installing solar panels has fallen rapidly in recent years

Environmentally friendly

Homeowners are discovering the financial and environmental benefits

Get paid

Generate free electricity and be paid for doing so. (Any surplus electricity can also be sold back to the National Grid creating a third financial benefit).

Compound savings

The savings you generate can be increased by pairing your Solar PV system with a battery storage system.

Our Solar brands

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